Farm Management Services

Protecting the future of agriculture is essential to our daily life. That’s why the professionals at BankIowa are here to assist you with your farm management needs and help you achieve your ownership goals.

A professional farm manager can help you in numerous ways. For example:

  1. You want to obtain the maximum rate of return on your farm, yet you don't have the expertise or perhaps the time to supervise the operation.
  2. When a farm owner passes away, the farm becomes an asset of the estate. It is vital that the farm is maintained and its value protected, or even enhanced, for the family during estate administration, as well as in the future.

To accomplish these goals, BankIowa can perform many of these services, including:

  • Selection of tenants
  • Record keeping
  • Marketing of crops and livestock
  • Preparation of crop and livestock plans
  • Purchasing of seed, chemicals, fertilizer, etc.
  • Soil conservation
  • Lease negotiations
  • Handling of funds
For more information about BankIowa’s Farm Management Services, contact your nearest BankIowa Office Location.