Mobile Wallet

What is a mobile wallet? 

A mobile wallet is similar to mobile money in that it is a payment service operated under financial regulation and usually performed from a mobile device. It allows customers to make a payment without ever pulling out their debit cards.


What are Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay®?

These are mobile apps that allow purchases at select stores using nothing more than a mobile device. All of these apps are considered a mobile wallet.


How does it work? 

On select mobile devices (list of compatible devices provided within the support links below) the app may be pre-installed or can be downloaded from the device's app marketplace. After downloading, simply add your BankIowa debit or credit card to the app, follow the prompts, and verify your card either by email, text message, or with a brief phone call to establish the cardholder's identity. Then it is time to shop!


Where does it work? 

All three apps will work at any terminal with the following symbol:

This symbol represents NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC may also be displayed at the payment terminal. All three apps can also be used to make online purchases from your mobile device.

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