BankIowa Card Services

Emergency Numbers for Lost or Stolen Cards
  • BankIowa VISA Debit Card - call 1-800-236-2442 for 24/7 service, or call 1-800-433-0285 during regular business hours
  • BankIowa ATM Card - call 1-800-433-0285 during regular business hours
  • BankIowa/UMB Credit Card - call 1-800-821-5184 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily
Lost phone? If your debit card was loaded in Apple Pay™, please call 1-844-392-3685 to deactivate the token. You may continue to use your physical card if it is in your possession.

VISA Debit Card 

  • Easier than cash and checks – just use your Visa Debit Card when you are ready to pay. It works fast, so there’s no need to write checks or fumble for change.
  • Available on Apple Pay! Click Here for more information.
  • Gain peace of mind with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy which protects you from unauthorized purchases.
  • Access cash at ATM’s worldwide. BankIowa is a member of the Privileged Status Program.
  • No issue cost or annual fee.

ATM Card

Have access to your bank account with your BankIowa ATM Card. With access to your accounts 24/7, you can get cash, check your account balances or even transfer funds, which means no fee transactions when you use your card at Privileged Status ATMs. BankIowa is a member of the Privileged Status Program.

BankIowa Visa Credit Card

Your Life. Your Choice.

Earn more rewards for all our everyday purchases. 1

3x the points

  • Grocery Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants and Fast Food

1x the points

  • All other purchases

We make it easy to redeem

Access your account to see how many points you've earned through online banking or your monthly statement at

Redeem your reward points for Account Credits, Gift Cards, Travel, Entertainment and more.1

Additional Visa Benefits

Fraud Protection

Visa's Zero Liability Policy means you won't be held responsible for any unauthorized charges made with your card or account information.2


Including auto rental coverage, emergency cash, travel/emergency assistance, warranty manager and more. 3

Online Credit Card Control

View transaction, pay bills and track expenses.

Include eStatements with 18 months of history.

Learn more about competitive rates and fees.


Cardholder Self-Service Contacts

Online Account Access -

Rewards Points Redemption -

Customer Service - 1.800.821.5184

Cards issued by UMB Bank, n.a.

(1) Cardholders earn 3 points per dollar on purchases with MCC codes: 5411 (Grocery Stores), 5541 or 5542 (Gas), 5310 (Discount Stores), 5812 (Restaurants) and 5814 (Fast Food). Cardholders earn 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. See Simply Rewards Rules for details. (2) Visa's Zero Liability Policy covers U.S. issued cards only and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions. You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please consult your issuer. (3) See the Rewards Rules and Guide to Benefits that accompany your card for details. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Travel Cards

Travel Smart with a prepaid BankIowa Visa Travel Card. Don’t worry about carrying large amounts of cash – it is the ideal solution for securely handling money while traveling. Best of all, you can go almost anywhere since the card is accepted at millions of locations and ATMs worldwide – and, if you need local currency, the card has you covered.

Additional features include:

  • Zero Liability – Protects you from unauthorized use of your card is lost or stolen.*
  • Travel and Emergency assistance – Emergency services available 24 hours a day. **
  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement – Up to $250 due to loss or theft.***
  • Converts purchases to US Dollars when used in other countries.
  • Initial card cost of $7.50.
  • Reloadable at thousands of retail locations.
  • $7.50 initial card cost waived for Rewards and Gold Club accountholders.
  • Minimum card load is $100 and the maximum load is $5,000.
*Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers U.S. issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Visit **Refer to your guide to benefits for full program benefits. ***Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. For details, refer to the Guide to Benefits you receive with your card. To register your card or to check on the card’s current balance & transaction history go to or call tool free: 800-552-0974. To report a lost or stolen card, call toll free: 800-552-0974.

Visa Travel Cards are sold through BankIowa as an Agent for community Bank Products and are not FDIC insured:

  • Load, unload or transfer, $2.00 (per transaction)
  • IVR Fee: $0.50 (per call, after four (4) free per month)
  • Customer Service Live Agent Fee: $2.00 (Per call, after one (1) free per month)
  • ATM Balance Inquiry: $0.50 (free via or phone)
  • ATM Withdrawal: $2.00 (per transaction)
  • Over the counter cash advance: 45.00 (per transaction)
  • Service Fee: $2.00 (per month beginning on the 3rd moth from the date of the last debit or credit to affect your balance (excludes Service Fee)
  • Replacement Card Fee: $15.00 (per Card; when Card is replaced for any reason)
  • Card Account Liquidation Fee: $20.00 (charged if a check is issued for funds on your Card Account)
  • Statement Fee: $2.00 (per mailed monthly statement if requested by customer)

Gift Cards – Easy to wrap! Easy to give!

The BankIowa Visa Gift Card is the ideal gift for anyone, for any occasion! Recipients can use their card to choose their own perfect gift: clothes, toys, entertainment… and it's safer than cash!

Additional features include:

  • An all-occasion gift - Use it for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, thank-yous - whenever!
  • Visa Acceptance - Welcomed everywhere. Visa Gift Cards are accepted worldwide.
  • Choice - Unlike store gift cards and gift certificates, you can use it almost anywhere.*
  • Available in any denomination - Loaded with the dollar amount you specify, from $10 to $750.
  • Security - A lost or stolen gift card can be replaced if the account number is available.**
  • Rewards or incentives - Businesses, non-profit organizations and other groups can use the Visa Gift Card as a reward or incentive.
  • Low cost - Just a $3 fee to purchase the gift card - that's less than the cost of gas to drive to the store for a gift!

To register your card or to check on the card's current balance & transaction history go to or call toll free: 866-264-2094.
**To report a lost or stolen card, call toll free: 866-208-3282. Visa Gift Cards are sold through BankIowa as an Agent for Community Bank Products. Inactivity fee - $4.95 per month beginning the 13th month from the date of last debit or credit to affect your balance, excluding this fee. $15.00 if a lost or stolen card is replaced. * Prohibited Transactions. PIN-based transactions are not available with the Card. You must provide your signature in order to make a purchase with the Card. In addition, the Card may not be used to reserve any balance that has not yet accrued, such as to reserve hotel rooms or rental cars, or to "pay at the pump" in advance of a gasoline purchase. You also may not use the Card to add a tip after a transaction has been processed with the Card, for example, at restaurants or for beauty services.